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“Art is the song sung by my heart”

The terms outsider, insider and mainstream art are not in the vocabulary of the group of art makers with intellectual disabilities from A Supported Life’s ‘two4nine’ creative space in West Auckland. Their art is a direct, delightful and provocative visual expression in paint, thread and clay of their unique view of the world they inhabitant. These art makers are unclassifiable, other than the category of pure joy and attainment of personal aspirations. Each individual artist has been mentored by professionals in technique but not in expression as part of a retrospective exhibition. A Supported Life works with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Social Development to support people with moderate to mild learning disabilities through supported accommodation, lifestyle planning and development. They teach a range of skills to suit the diverse needs and aspirations of the people they support. Two4nine is a creative space in Henderson that has evolved over the last few years with a strong focus on the arts.

Free summer drop-in activity:
Be inspired by the talented artists from the two4nine exhibition then contribute a special hand drawn image to add to our ever-growing collaborative wall.

2 December 2017 – 1 February 2018

Index: Martín Poppelwell

This idiosyncratic look at the alphabet uses images and icons that Poppelwell has built up over years. INDEX, an exhibition toured by Hastings City Art Gallery, is best understood as a catalogue of Poppelwell’s personal vocabulary. The motifs present have previously appeared in different guises, but here they are revisited in a brand new line up working across ceramics, painting and drawing. INDEX is a study of meaning developed in a conversation between visual language, Te Reo M?ori and English. Connotation in these works is intended and the viewer is encouraged to see particular associations and connections. In this catalogue of a vocabulary, you will find meaning that may be weighted with history, or have the lightness of the everyday.

Image: Martin Poppelwell

10 February – 29 April 2018



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