Kauri Explorations
Be inspired by the Wait?kere Ranges, explore our local forest habitats and learn more about kauri and kauri die-back. Using mixed media we will bring a kauri tree to life. Each visiting class will also receive a free Kauri Project poster that will inform you about kauri die-back disease. As extension for Years 5 and 6, you can also visit McCahon House to see how Colin McCahon might have seen the kauri trees represented in his famous paintings. (Yrs. 1-8, English, science, history and art)

Geometric Imprints
Taking inspiration from Maureen Lander’s exploration of whakapapa (genealogy) through weaving, we’ll create artworks that can be connected as a collaborative installation in your classroom. We will focus on symmetry, balance and form to create a panel of three small artworks that connect geometric shapes using drawing, printmaking and paper cut-out techniques. (Yrs. 1-8, English, te reo M?ori, maths, history and art)

Mini Tea Party
We will explore the magical properties of clay while viewing the Portage Ceramic Awards, some of the artists have used food items as inspiration for their artwork. We will imagine that we are at a tea party and make your own mini clay tea cup or slice of cake. Using specialist clay tools we will shape, form and texture then embellish with paint and sequins to complete. (Yrs. 1 -8 art, history, maths, technology and English) 1.5 hrs long $4/student

Guided Gallery Visit
View a range of contemporary artworks spread across five unique gallery spaces. Students will be encouraged to interpret different artworks, considering key ideas, materials and techniques.

Te Uru and McCahon House Museum tandem visits
Students have the opportunity to view contemporary art at Te Uru followed by a tour of McCahon House in French Bay. With the cottage only a five-minute drive from the gallery, why not visit both at once?

Early Childhood Visits
We now provide gallery visits and workshops tailored to meet the needs of the preschool years. Take a tour of an appropriate exhibition followed by a hands-on workshop in our Learning Centre.

1 hour visit $3/student
Intermediate/highschools can do unguided gallery tours for free - bookings are essential. Book here

Workshop Rates

Our standard rate for a two hour workshop is $6/student or a concession rate of $5/student for multiple bookings. All materials are supplied.  

Workshop Times

Mornings 9.30–11.30am, afternoons 12.30 – 2.30pm
Extension classes welcome, contact us for further details.


817 8087 x 204 or email




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