Sharon Fitness:
Finding Jewelleryness

Sharon Fitness explores the concept of ‘jewelleryness,’ testing the fine line between everyday objects and wearable jewellery. Finding Jewelleryness includes instructional videos that share her love of wearing readymades; identifying objects such as snowballs, toys and chocolate bars for their ability to be worn.

Alongside this, a selection of screens sit inside wearable felt casings. Sharon tests the limits of what we understand as traditional jewellery, and offers a glimpse of what these small and ubiquitous yet powerful technologies may offer for body adornment in the future. Here, Sharon aims to anthropomorphise jewellery, asking the viewer what their jewellery thinks about being jewellery, and about the world in general.

Sharon Fitness graduated from MIT School of Visual Arts in 2007, majoring in Contemporary Jewellery. She has exhibitited in many exhibitions in New Zealand and internationally, including Wunderruma (Munich 2014, Auckland 2016), Attitude as Form (Sydney 2015) and Medusa: Jewellery and Taboos (Paris 2017), and contributes to the jewellery collaboration Handshake. Living and working near Auckland, Sharon believes in saving the world one brooch at a time.

24 November 2017 – 23 January 2018