Monday: Visualise a world of minute phytoplankton then create a series of underwater creatures using a variety of media to place onto a deep-sea painted background.

Tuesday: Imagine the layers beneath the Earth’s surface using experimental mixed media such as clay slip, Indian ink, and acrylic crackle glazes, then collage with fossils.

Wednesday: Inspired by cells under the microscope, explore life in its tiniest forms. Create a magical geometric artwork using drawing, paint and collage techniques.

Thursday: Create a cartoon creature study using drawing, clay and cold wax sgraffito to visualise a series of invented bacteria critters.

Friday: Invent a hybrid creature to place within a surreal landscape painting. Use collaged images of microscopic life to add texture and colour to embellish details.

7–11 October, 10am – 1pm

$35 per day, suitable for children aged 5-12 years | all materials supplied 



Please contact us to book
on 817 8087

Please note: bookings are
confirmed with payment