Monday: Invent a mixed media clay owl inspired by Mexican folk art, finished with brightly coloured, detailed patterns.  
Tuesday: Paint a striking tivaevae-inspired, mirroring pattern onto a diamond panel, finish with glitter highlights.  
Wednesday: Inspired by Aboriginal dreamtime patterns create a circular painting, finish with a reptile cut-out set on a magnet to move on top of the background. 
Thursday: Sculpt a vessel from air drying clay inspired by Chinese ceramics to place onto a brightly coloured background. 
Friday: Design a Moroccan kingdom using dark pens filled in with water-based crayon washes, finish with collaged architectural details.

8–12 July, 10am – 1pm
$35 per day suitable for children aged 5-12 yearsAll materials supplied


Explore nature, science and filmmaking over three days. Day one includes workshops and games about our streams, forests and birds, presented by scientists from the University of Auckland. Day two focuses on  filmmaking and editing techniques, working alongside professional filmmakers from The Open Fort. On day three, you will begin to create your own short film, which will be finished in your own time after the programme with ongoing support. We’ll celebrate your final films in a presentation in August.

A Gecko Trust Project

17–19 July, 10am – 4pm
Bookings | Free workshops available for ages 11–18



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