Online Activities

Between visits to Te Uru, you can look at our past and present exhibitions online, or scroll down to try some online activities we’ve found from around the internet. We've also created some special digital project resources, including downloadable versions of our popular holiday programmes, so you can get creative at home.

Download an activity

Here are some projects you can download to do at home – you can print them out or just follow the instructions from your device.

If you couldn’t make it to our latest holiday programme or just want more creative activities to do, you can try the first ever online Te Uru holiday programme. Each project is downloadable with easy and detailed step by step instructions at your own pace, using materials you should be able to source easily from the comfort of your own home. Explore and create using an exciting range of different media while activating children’s imaginations as they learn fun new techniques and create beautiful artwork.

Bug templates
Download a cool set of bug templates to cut out or colour in. Use them in our holiday programme activities or they might be handy for something else you’re making. 
Download here (1.7MB)

Activity 1. Nocturnal Forest 
Use mixed media to paint a nocturnal forest scene full of weird and wonderful invented plants and insects. Suitable for all ages but please give extra support for younger children.
Download here (1.2MB)

Activity 2. Larger Than Life Critters 
Paint and collage a beautiful leaf and place a larger than life insect within it. Suitable for all ages but please give extra support for younger children.
Download here (1.6MB)

Activity 3. Mythical creature with abstract background
Paint, draw and collage your very own mixed media abstract painting with a mythical creature.
Download here (1.6MB)

Activity 4. Tane’s Magical Forest
Create a mixed media painting of your favourite native tree and bird
Download here (3.2MB)

Activity 5. 3D flying creature
Dream up an exciting mythological creature with wings to create in 3D paper mache
Download here (1.6MB)


Be inspired by portraits that Theo Schoon and Rita Angus did of each other in Split Level View Finder, then create your own. Portraits can be of your friends or whanau, or a self-portrait. 
Download here (175KB)

Membrane, Frame and Rearrange

Explore the art of Nicola Farquhar and enjoy coloring-in with paint, crayons, and felt tips to create a re-arrangeable portrait and bodily structures from our downloadable template drawings based on microscopic cells and shapes found in our bodies.
Download here (3MB)

ORIGAMI ACTIVITY: Make a Kusudama flower

Take a trip to the land of relaxation using your digits and this simple guide for making a beautiful floral arrangement from paper. Perfect for when you can’t make it to the florist or you need a bouquet for lockdown Mother’s Day!
Download here (955KB)

Around the web

There are a lot of great online art-based activities all over the internet. Here are some of our current favourites:

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More favourite links

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