Exhibition: Names held in our mouths 
View an exhibition called Names held in our mouths, which explores Māori and Pacifica art and craft collectives. These artworks contain a visual dialogue about the importance of customary craft knowledge, especially that which is on the cusp of being lost, with traditional and contemporary perspectives. 

Tuia Encounters: Miniature Sail
This year we commemorate Tuia - Encounters 250, recognising 1000 years of Moana voyaging. Visit exhibitions and discuss early navigation systems and craft in New Zealand and the Pacific then think about colour, scale, symbols and composition. Students will use coloured ink wash to fill bold sharpie patterns on a miniature fabric sail. The decorative surface will contain stylised symbols relating to early navigation techniques and first encounters in Aotearoa. (Yrs. 1–8, Pacifica culture, identity, social history and visual art strands DI, CI, PK, UC). 

Exhibition: A Way Through: Colin McCahon’s Gate III
Learn about one of New Zealand’s most famous painters, Colin McCahon, who lived in Titirangi during the 1950s. McCahon often incorporated poetic text into his distinctive painting style. We’ll think about how the inspiring wild landscape of the West Coast and Titirangi influenced his art. Extension: visit McCahon House in French Bay to learn more about McCahon’s life and painting career.

Descriptive Landscapes 
Create a mixed-media resist painting inspired by our local environment and McCahon’s dramatic landscape paintings that often incorporate text. Start with charcoal, mapping out lines to create interesting compositions. Using earthy pastels, we’ll develop textures and contrasts, then apply ink and paint to heighten definition. They will look incredible together on your classroom walls. (Yrs. 3–8, English, science, social history, environment/place ad visual art strands DI, CI, PK, UC). 

Exhibition: Twenty-four-seven
A group exhibition that unravels concepts of different types of time that operate non-stop, such as the internet. We will view an intriguing Japanese short film about sleep cycles and think about the potential of creativity from our imagination and dreams. 

Te Uru and McCahon House Museum tandem visits
Students have the opportunity to view contemporary art at Te Uru followed by a tour of McCahon House in French Bay. With the cottage only a five-minute drive from the gallery, why not visit both at once?

Early childhood
We now provide gallery visits and workshops tailored to meet the needs of the preschool years. Take a tour of an appropriate exhibition followed by a hands-on workshop in our Learning Centre.

1 hour visit $3/student

Workshop Rates

Our standard rate for a two hour workshop is $6/student or a concession rate of $5/student for multiple bookings. All materials are supplied.  

Workshop Times

Mornings 9.30–11.30am, afternoons 12.30 – 2.30pm
Extension classes welcome, contact us for further details.


Bookings and further information
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