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Duncan Shearer

Pouring Jug

Duncan Shearer



Bio: Duncan is a studio potter based in Hauraki, near the Karangahake gorge and makes a range of wood fired functional pottery. Basing his work on traditional forms, Duncan uses clay from his property to add a sense of place to every piece that is made at the  Rahu Road Pottery. Each piece is unique and a product of meticulous craftsmanship and a dedication to over 20 years as a professional potter. As Duncan puts it “I love the challenge of working within a tradition that encompasses all manner of useful ceramics – the beauty of a mug’s lip, the seductive curve of a jug’s handle and the invitation of a spout are all rich sources of inspiration.”

The work is all made from stoneware clays, fired in a wood kiln with a range of slips and glazes and a squirt of soda which enlivens the surfaces and creates a distinct flashing of colour on each piece.



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