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Splash Five 1987: Special Issue 2018

Splash Five 1987:
From Scratch Special Issue 2018 

Splash Five 1987: From Scratch Special Issue 2018, published by Small Bore Books in partnership with Te Uru, is the fifth issue of Splash magazine, which was intended to be published in 1987. All content is from the original edition which was prepared, but never printed. It includes minor editing for grammar and spelling, and Wystan Curnow's essay has been slightly editited by the author for contemporary clarification.

Te Uru have also produced a contemporary insert for Splash Five, titled From Scratch: 546 Moons which updates the historic publication

ISBN: 978-0-473-43918-7
Softcover, 130 pages
Editor: Emma Bugden
Publication date: September 2018
Publisher: Small Bore Books



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