Adam Portraiture Awards 2010


Lopdell House Gallery is proud to present a selection of 40 of this year’s finalists from the Adam Portraiture Awards. Sponsored by the Adam Foundation and presented by the Portrait Gallery of New Zealand in Wellington, this biennial award showcases a fascinating collection of portraits, painting styles, artists and sitters from around the country.

Artists include: Harriet Bright, Kimbra Taylor, Gavin Hurley, Rosalind Fair, Bevan Shaw, Juliet Kac, Gary Freemantle, David BG, Goodwin, Tony Brown, Donna Demente, Peter Miller, Mark Rutledge, Elspeth Shannon, Sofia Minson, John Badcock, Geraldine, Alan Sanders, David John, Barry Ross Smith, Lucy Barker, Siene De Vries, Sylvia Davidson, Tim Quirke, Jeremy Bennett, André Brönnimann, Meredith Collins, Patricia Van Lubeck, Liam Barr, Bob Kerr, Bill Burke, Siân Davis, Jonathan Brough, Jane Simcock, Jo Smith, Jennifer Majeske, Sarah Brock, Zarahn Southon, Lee Robinson, Patrick Casey, Peter Lambert.

15 April - 7 June 2010