Ayesha Green: Still life

These new works by Ayesha Green (Ngāti Kahungunu, Kai Tahu) were produced during her recent residency at Parehuia-McCahon House. They mark a shift into still-life painting and the negotiation of the complex conventions of this historic genre. As with all of Green’s work, these new paintings are layered with references and are mindful of the formats and genres they utilise, prompting us to consider the history and politics of representation.

Exploring how a distinctly updated Aotearoa-based perspective might operate within this deeply European tradition, Green provides make-shift vases in the form of everyday consumer packaging to introduce local connections and a folk or pop sensibility. Combined with indigenous botanical motifs, these products come from the land and represent iconic industrial brands that have a significant presence in our national psyche. They question how we see ourselves as a nation, and whether that identity is based on our exploitation of the ecology we live within.

10 December 2022 – May 2023




Ayesha Green at McCahon House

Ayesha Green at Jhana Millers

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