Faculty of Wonder: Lost and Found

Victoria Edwards and Ina Johann


Wonderfully witty and inventive collaborative artists Edwards and Johann bring their photographic skills and imaginations to transform the gallery into a magical spectacle. Inspired by a variety of sources including museum displays, theatre and found objects, Faculty of Wonder: Lost and Found combines photography, drawing, collage and moving image to create a hybrid world where the real and the imagined mysteriously merge.

In 2007, long time islander Dr. Victoria Edwards and German born artist, Ina Johann decided to work on a project together which resulted in a collaboration that has proven to be an extraordinary artistic enterprise with projects spanning a variety of engagements – nationally and internationally. Their collaborative practice ranges from undertaking residencies to developing multi-media installations; new media installations to photographic exhibitions.

Edwards and Johann present a rare model of collaborative art making in New Zealand – one which is inter-disciplinary, inter-cultural and inter-generational. Rather than delivering answers their work more frequently provokes questions – balancing a sense of unease laced with an underlying aesthetic of beauty. Edwards NS Johann bring an insatiable curiosity to their investigations and reflections on history and culture, resulting in fascinating reconstructions and fabrications of a chosen environment.

Edwards and Johann’s new work for Lopdell House Gallery was created before and after the devastating earthquake in February that destroyed their shared studio in Bexley, Christchurch. Faculty of Wonder: Lost and Found shows the remarkable resilience and spirit these two collaborative artists bring to their work and to life, and reminds us all to take time to pause and wonder.

5 May - 26 June 2011