Rohan Wealleans: A Moveable Feast


The latest McCahon residency artist, Rohan Wealleans has been whipping up a moveable feast in the French Bay studio. Is there no stopping this man? His energy and imagination appear to have no bounds - from the walls to the floor, fantastical dalek like sculptures and heads to marvel at, greet you at every turn. What at first seems like an orgy of colour and weird forms, on closer inspection reveals an incredibly detailed, labour intensive collection of art. And Rohan’s works do make you want to look closer. They engage the viewer in a playful, provocative, questioning kind of way. What are ya? The objects could just as easily be asking the same question back to the viewers.
At Lopdell House Gallery, we’re delighted to be showing some of Rohan’s new works combining his innovative layered and cut paint techniques with wood and ceramics - and the odd shark’s jaw. At the same time, Rohan will be showing his large canvases at Ivan Anthony Gallery in the city.

12 June - 3 August 2008