Clementine Edwards: Bloem en Blad

A featherweight parcel arrives to New Zealand from the north. In it, the entire Bloem en blad exhibition. Green string, hatched eggs, seeds of the dandelion flower. This is a show about lightness in spring. For Bloem en blad, Clementine Edwards gives form to the fragility of the moments that regeneration produces.

Working with materials from her new hometown Rotterdam, Edwards explores the possibility of hope in the aftermath. What details burst into life? What narratives might emerge? What brittle flowers could break your heart? These precarious assemblages make a gentle demand on the audience; that they observe with care. And where the scale of these sculptures invite intimacy up close, their shelter-forms evoke a sort of home.

Clementine Edwards is an artist and editor from Melbourne. She produces work that makes reference to craft histories and acts as a refusal of contemporary jewellery’s performative parameters. Edwards takes interest in the smaller scale and how we wear jewellery and experience on our bodies alike. She currently lives in Rotterdam and is studying at the Dutch Art Institute.

Image: Clementine Edwards: The light that shrivels a mountain (after Adrienne Rich) 2017

22 September – 23 November 2017