Join us for a talk about some of the central themes in Auckland-based 2018 McCahon House resident Nicola Farquhar's solo exhibition Listening, twitching. Located in Gallery 4.

Nicola Farquhar makes paintings and drawings that examine what it is to be human in a time of ecological crisis. A convergence of vibrant colours and fluid geometric forms result in a new series of paintings that almost vibrate with organic life, microscopically moving between the inner and outer spaces of abstracted feminine forms.

Posing the question of human survival in a changing climate, Farquhar’s abstracted female figures are strengthened by their multiplicity. Rich in ambiguity, they shapeshift between the imagined and the biological; the unshaped present and the reformed future of the human body and the natural world.

This exhibition sees Farquhar return to Titirangi to present work that was first developed as an artist in residence at McCahon House in French Bay in late 2018. All works courtesy of Mossman, Wellington.

Images: Left - VO, 2019, oil on linen. Right - OV, 2019, oil on linen.

Available online here