Artists responding to Ecological Threats: Toi Taiao Whakatairanga

Toi Taiao Whakatairanga is a cross-disciplinary research project, which brings together arts, science and te ?o M?ori to raise awareness of threats to the health of our ng?here. Over three years the project is commissioning artists to develop new artwork through creative engagement with iwi, hapu and community across areas impacted by kauri dieback disease (Phytopthora agathidicida) and myrtle rust (Autropuccinia psidii). By tracing the dynamics of interactions between communities, artists, Mana Whenua and people engaged in forest kaitiaki, Toi Taiao Whakatairanga aims to contribute to understandings of how artistic practices can engage with colonial science and m?tauranga M?ori frameworks.

In acknowledgement of the first year of this project, we invite you to hear from Toi Taiao Whakatairanga’s first three commissioned artists about their projects and process, and to participate in discussion about the wider potential for the arts and creative practices to respond to diverse ecological threats faced by species and ecosystems in Aotearoa and across the world.

Artists: Charlotte Graham (Hauraki, Waikato, Ngati Mahuta, Ngai Tai, Ngati Tamaoho), Tyrone Ohia (Ng?ti P?kenga, Ng?i te Rangi), Fiona Apanui-Kupenga (Ng?ti Porou) with Graeme Atkins (Ng?ti Porou, Rongomaiwahine)

With Respondents – Dr Tia Reihana (Ng?ti Hine) – lecturer, The University of Auckland, Dr Nick Waipara (Rongawhakaata, Ng?ti Ruapani ki Turanga) – plant pathologist, Plant and Food Research

The Toi Taiao Whakatairanga collective comprises:
Ariane Craig-Smith – curator, The Kauri Project
Dr Molly Mullen – arts, community and education lecturer and researcher, The University of Auckland
Dr Nick Waipara (Rongawhakaata, Ng?ti Ruapani ki Turanga) – plant pathologist, Plant and Food Research
Chris McBride – curator, The Kauri Project
Sophie Jerram – curator, researcher, The University of Auckland, Victoria University
Dr Mark Harvey (M?t?waka/Ng?ti Toa) – artist, curator, conservationist and researcher, The University of Auckland
Chervelle Athena – artist, PhD candidate, AUT University

Toi Taiao Whakatairanga is part of the research programme Mobilising for Action: Focusing on the human dimensions of forest health management, specifically kauri dieback and myrtle rust, funded through Ng? R?kau Taketake by the National Science Challenge

Image: Untitled, Ariane Craig-Smith (Trounson Kauri Park, Northland) 2021.

Saturday 26 June, 2.30-4pm
Te Uru Learning Centre | Pokapu Akoranga | View fb event