Mahi Raranga: M?ori Weaving Workshop

Moana Currents: Dressing Aotearoa Now addresses a range of connecting themes, such as the adaptation and application of technology; mastery and invention in the use of creative techniques such as stitching and weaving; the evolution of cultural forms, their application and continuing relevance. With a growing awareness of the need to live sustainability we are all looking for ways to live more consciously and to use indigenous natural materials.

We have invited Raranga tutor Marewa Grimsdale to share a beginner’s M?ori weaving workshop of Raranga Harakeke taught by our ancestors. Participants will learn how to prepare harakeke (flax) and how to use it to create a decorative neckpiece, a piupiu tag and a two corner kete.

All adults are welcome (the use of sharp blades makes this unsuitable for tamariki).
A take home booklet will allow you to teach them at home.

Sunday 17 November, 1-3.30pm | Free
Bookings essential: