Walking about:
Christina HOughton, Wayfinding Waikumete

How do we navigate urban environments through wayfaring? Using actions of recovery and discovery, guided by maramataka Christina Houghton invites you to join a series of gentle walks that navigate the urban environment of Glen Eden. Following the subtle signs that locate us while noticing the seasonal markers we will move through Waikumete cemetery, towards Waikumete Stream, through Glen Eden Mall. Wayfinding Waikumete investigates the lost name of Waikumete (waters of the kumete bowl) unveiling stories of past, present and future over a number of walks.

The first walk in a series by Christina will track the history of Waikumete through its iconic cemetery beginning with the northern train line trip to Waikumete (now the Western Line).

Walking about is a series of performative and participatory walks that travel across Auckland with Te Hau ā Uru – the West Wind. More information on can be found on the website Walking about website.

Saturday 23 November, 4.10pm
Meet at Mt Eden Station at to begin the exploration.




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Pīta Turei: Mata Kē Ao
Sunday September 22, 5:45 am

Jeremy Leatinu’u: Kawea
Saturday 2 November, 12noon

Christina Houghton: Wayfinding Waikumete
Saturday 23 November, 4.10pm