Writing Māori Art: Dr Rangihiroa Panoho

Interested in making connections and exploring a more adventurous look at this unique world indigenous art form? Come and hear Dr Rangihiroa Panoho share his approach to writing about Māori art in this free talk, illustrated with photographic imagery by Mark Adams and Haruhiko Sameshima from Panoho’s new book MĀORI ART: History, Landscape, Architecture and Theory.

Traditionally books on Māori art have described the work as either 'traditional' (as in the arts of carving, weaving, painting) or 'contemporary', that is work produced post-1950s. This book presents a unique focus on Māori art by exploring the connection between the traditional and contemporary, and the place of Māori art within an international context. In doing so, it provides a framework for looking at Maori art in a new way. While there are many books on Māori art, these tend to be surveys and there is currently very little critical writing on Māori art and artists. As described by academic and author, the late Professor Roger Neich, "It leads to thought-provoking criticism of current art historical approaches to Māori art and constitutes probably the first sustained critique of the modern development of Māori art from an authentic Maori point of view."

Saturday 4 July, 2pm

Titirangi Theatre, Free