Exhibitions on Sunday 1 December

Moana Currents: Dressing Aotearoa Now
Moana Currents: Dressing Aotearoa Now

Moana Currents: Dressing Aotearoa Now is an exhibition presented by the New Zealand Fashion Museum in partnership with Te Uru Wait?kere Contemporary Gallery, showing how various threads drawn from across the Moana (Pacific Ocean) are being woven together to produce a new identity in which we can comfortably cloak ourselves in Aotearoa today.

Opening event: Saturday 7 September, 4pm

7 September - 1 December  |  See event detail
Portage Ceramic Awards 2019
Portage Ceramic Awards 2019

Established in 2001 and administered by Te Uru, The Portage Ceramic Awards is Aotearoa's best-known barometer for developments in the field of ceramics.

This year's event has been judged by renowned Australian potter and educator, Merran Esson. Esson has been working internationally for more than 40 years but this will be her first visit to Aotearoa. Her own work is distinctive for the textures and large forms that express the contrast between the extremes of country and city. She uses clay and glazes to reference water tanks, silos and corrugated iron, which remind us of the influence of history and place, and recall her rural childhood. 

22 November - 23 February  |  See event detail
The Future of Our Kids
The Future of Our Kids

Working from the position that nuclear testing is overly interpreted through a historic lens, The Future of Our Kids re-orients our focus towards present and future actions. The title is taken from a banner held by women in the Rongelap atoll to greet the Rainbow Warrior. It read ‘We loved, the future of our kids’. As a future-oriented phrase, but in an unusual past-tense, the banner has become a touchstone for recognising the multiple timescales underpinning anti-nuclear movements. 

30 November 2019 – 1 March 2020

30 November - 1 March  |  See event detail
Walking about
Walking about

Walking about is a series of performative and participatory walks that travel across Auckland with Te Hau ā Uru – the West Wind.

The walks are artworks – guided experiences leading audiences and participants across Auckland – created by twelve artists: Suzanne Cowan, Vanessa Crofskey, Christina Houghton, Melissa Laing, Jeremy Leatinu’u, Andrew McMillan, Richard Orjis, Rosanna Raymond, val smith, Pīta Turei, Layne Waerea and Becca Wood.

September 2019 – August 2020

22 September - 31 August  |  See event detail

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HANDSHAKE 5: in site
HANDSHAKE 5: in site

For the Auckland edition of the fifth HANDSHAKE series, HANDSHAKE 5: in site brings together ten jewellers from across Aotearoa for an exhibition that explores the potential of jewellery in large-scale spaces. While jewellers commonly dress the body as an intimate, typically small-scale process, for this exhibition the artists work with the dynamic architectural spaces of Te Uru’s purpose-built gallery as a springboard for ideas - testing the spatial qualities of jewellery; how it interacts within in its own surroundings, affects our movements through a room and involves us in contemporary dialogue.

7 December 2019 – 16 February 2020
Exhibition opening: Saturday 7 December, 4pm

7 December - 16 February  |  See event detail
Pusi Urale: Mafine - Celebrating the Female Form
Pusi Urale: Mafine - Celebrating the Female Form

Mafine is a solo exhibition of acrylic paintings on canvas inspired by the female form. 81-year-old Samoan artist, Pusi Urale, explores abstract painting and pointillism using vibrant colours to express her unique point of view. This exhibition draws on her extensive knowledge of Polynesian patterns and flora native to the Moana Nui a Kiwa. 

25 January - 1 March  |  See event detail


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