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HANDSHAKE 5: in site
HANDSHAKE 5: in site

For the Auckland edition of the fifth HANDSHAKE series, HANDSHAKE 5: in site brings together ten jewellers from across Aotearoa for an exhibition that explores the potential of jewellery in large-scale spaces. While jewellers commonly dress the body as an intimate, typically small-scale process, for this exhibition the artists work with the dynamic architectural spaces of Te Uru’s purpose-built gallery as a springboard for ideas - testing the spatial qualities of jewellery; how it interacts within in its own surroundings, affects our movements through a room and involves us in contemporary dialogue.

7 December 2019 – 16 February 2020
Exhibition opening: Saturday 7 December, 4pm

7 December - 16 February  |  See event detail
The Future of Our Kids
The Future of Our Kids

Working from the position that nuclear testing is overly interpreted through a historic lens, The Future of Our Kids re-orients our focus towards present and future actions. The title is taken from a banner held by women in the Rongelap atoll to greet the Rainbow Warrior. It read ‘We loved, the future of our kids’. As a future-oriented phrase, but in an unusual past-tense, the banner has become a touchstone for recognising the multiple timescales underpinning anti-nuclear movements. 

30 November 2019 – 1 March 2020

30 November - 1 March  |  See event detail
Walking about
Walking about

Walking about is a series of performative and participatory walks that travel across Auckland with Te Hau ? Uru – the West Wind.

The walks are artworks – guided experiences leading audiences and participants across Auckland – created by twelve artists: Suzanne Cowan, Vanessa Crofskey, Christina Houghton, Melissa Laing, Jeremy Leatinu’u, Andrew McMillan, Richard Orjis, Rosanna Raymond, val smith, P?ta Turei, Layne Waerea and Becca Wood.

September 2019 – August 2020

22 September - 31 August  |  See event detail


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