Exhibitions on Monday 25 October

Sena Park: Annyeong
Sena Park: Annyeong

Recent Karekare Residency artist Sena Park presents a neon work in Te Uru’s street front window, based on the casual Korean word ‘hi’. Annyeong came from Park’s experiences in Mongolia when she participated in the 5th Land Art Mongolia Biennial in 2018. The neon work — in Korean but written in English — captures the many contrasts of Park’s life that her visit to Mongolia revealed. 

23 September - 28 November  |  See event detail

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Marti Friedlander: Portraits of the Artists
Marti Friedlander: Portraits of the Artists

Marti Friedlander (1928–2016) - one of New Zealand’s most outstanding and influential photographers - made portraits of artists, writers, potters, actors, film makers and musicians from 1959 to 2015. This was a conscious project on her part, initially motivated by her belief that creative people in the arts did not receive the public recognition they deserved from mainstream New Zealand society.

10 November - 28 November  |  See event detail
Mercury in retrograde
Mercury in retrograde

Mercury in retrograde: clay, earth, mud and ceramics brings together four artists working dynamically with the grounding materials of the earth. Artists Iza Lozano, Zhu Ohmu, Maia McDonald, and Te Ara Minhinnick present works that embrace, innovate and invert the practice of ceramics, challenging traditional notions and broadening our understanding of clay as an ever-contemporary material.

10 November - 12 December  |  See event detail


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