Walking About: Winter season press release

Te Uru Waitākere Contemporary Gallery, in partnership with Christina Houghton and Melissa Laing, is pleased to announce the Takarua / Winter Walking About performances. 

6 June - 5 July, Walking about in fog by Layne Waerea and Lana Lopesi. Begins at your front door and is shared online.

Sunday 21 June, 3pm, The Public Stand by Becca Wood. Meet at the bottom of Racecourse Parade, Avondale.

Tuesday 14 July, 6:00 am, Rangi Matariki by Pīta Turei. Meet at Rangimatariki, Rosebank Domain, 126 Patiki Rd, Avondale. 7:20 am Walk to Motu Manawa across the mud flats 

Walking about is a contemporary art series that explores the relationship between walking and art. It takes place over 16 months and is put together by curators Christina Houghton and Melissa Laing, in partnership with Te Uru. Starting in September 2019 and finishing in December 2020, twelve artists will create walks-as-artworks and artworks-as-walks, and invite the public to join them in moving through the spaces of Auckland, co-creating the works with their passage. 

The participating artists are: Rodney Bell, Suzanne Cowan, Vanessa Crofskey, Christina Houghton, Melissa Laing, Jeremy Leatinu’u, Andrew McMillan, Richard Orjis, val smith, Pīta Turei, Layne Waerea and Becca Wood.

Individual Walks for Takarua / Winter

Walking about in fog

In Auckland, Winter is a great season for fog. Artist Layne Waerea has long engaged with the physical and conceptual practice of chasing fog and, with Walking about in fog, she invites Aucklanders to follow a full lunar cycle of fog by walking with her and collaborator Lana Lopesi. Beginning with the full moon on Saturday June 6 and culminating with the following full moon on Sunday July 5, Aucklanders will be supported to rise early, seek the fog and share their experiences with each other in photographic form. 

For the duration of the full moon cycle, Waerea will be offering a limited* number of vouchers for local businesses to those who walk about in fog and share their images. The first time a participant's images are posted to the website, a voucher will be sent to them by email, giving them the opportunity to support any of the small businesses featured on sosbusiness.nz. (*The voucher offer is only valid until the artist runs out) 

The Public Stand

The Public Stand is a choreoauratic walk that pays attention to the uncertainty of what lies ahead for the Avondale Racecourse. Through walking with and listening to the site’s histories, this choreographed event reimagines lost and forgotten stories, and present and possible futures. Wearing headphones, the participants listen to a downloaded soundscore which invites them to tune in to the site, their moving bodies, the disappearing and the unseen. As a collective, this community walks together and apart, going nowhere in particular, navigating social distancing and walking towards the unknown.

‘Slowing down to listen, the sounds sink inwards to the middle of me... Slowing down my pace in the cityscape in order to make visible the hidden spaces, lost landscapes - feeling the shadows cross me, the back streets… the voice of the street – that become a part of us.’

Rangi Matariki

Join storyteller Pīta Turei at Rangimatariki for the third in a series of storytelling events. Standing on the point of Rangimatariki, a history of the land and people can be shared. This history helps to strengthen and increase our knowledge of celestial progression, by observing and sharing the oral histories of Tāmaki Makaurau. Together we will watch Matariki rising as Turei shares histories of Tāmaki. As dawn breaks, join the hīkoi out to Motu Manawa across the mud flats. This hīkoi acknowledges the significance of Rangimatariki, Motu Manawa and Te Kou (Pollen Island Marine Reserve) for Te Wai o Hua and the people of Tāmaki. Presented as part of Matariki Festival 2020.

Numbers for the matariki rising observance are open within the limits of the safety level we are at. However, to protect the delicate ecology of the marine reserve, numbers for the hīkoi to Motu Manawa are limited to 20. Register on Eventbrite to secure your place or email kiaora@walkingabout.nz. The walk requires a reasonable degree of physical fitness and in parts crosses thick tidal mud. Gumboots or sturdy walking boots are a mandatory requirement for all walkers.

All Walking about walks are responsive to the Covid19 alert levels. Walking about in Fog can be undertaken at any alert level. The Public Stand is able to be undertaken together-apart at Level 2 and through audio files shared online if we are in Level 3 or 4. Rangi Matariki can be undertaken with appropriate distancing at Level 2 and we are currently developing our Level 3 and 4 strategies for it.

Individual walks and updates will be announced at walkingabout.nz and on Te Uru’s social media pages.

Walking about has received generous support from Auckland Council, Albert-Eden Local Board and Whau Local Board.

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