About walking:

15 months of artist walks in Tāmaki Auckland

Edited by Christina Houghton, Melissa Laing and Becca Wood

Published by Te Uru Waitākere Contemporary Gallery, About walking documents and discusses performance based walks travelling through time, across a 15-month period, and through geography, across west Auckland. This diverse program of works investigated walking as an artistic strategy in the context of Aotearoa and positioned walking as a participatory activity, co-performed by the artist and walkers – together or together-apart.

The beautifully illustrated publication brings together discussions on the history and practice of walking-as-art and the integration of maramataka into the fabric of programming and creating, as well as artist reflections, commissioned responses to individual works, excerpts from performance scripts, and a manifesto. 

978-0-473-55391-3 Softcover | 978-0-473-55392-0 Epub

210×148mm, 64 pages with colour illustrations
Featuring a removable double-sided dustcover/poster/map (available in two different styles)

Published: January 2021 by Te Uru Waitākere Contemporary Gallery

Editors: Christina Houghton, Melissa Laing and Becca Wood 

Proofreaders: Andrew Clifford and Chloe Geoghegan

Contributors: Rodney Bell, Andrew Clifford, Suzanne Cowan, Christina Houghton, Melissa Laing, Lana Lopesi, Andrew McMillan, Molly Mullen, Richard Orjis, Lea Schlatter, val smith, Pīta Turei, Becca Wood

Publication design: Julia Gamble Vale
Supporting designer: Becca Wood (dustcover map and train timetables pages 44 & 46)

Photographers: Ralph Brown, Bronwyn Evans, Christina Houghton, Melissa Laing, Sarah Mckenzie, Jody Yawa McMillan, Katie Pascoe, Ian Powell, Amanda Jane Robinson

About walking was supported by an Auckland Council Regional Arts Grant and funding from the Albert-Eden and Whau Local Boards. Te Uru receives support from the Waitā?kere Ranges Local Board. This publication was made possible through research funding from Unitec.

Edition of 200

Price: $5

About walking is available as a free ePublication. Download as a 6mb pdf

A reflection on val smith's work by alys longley is also available as a special e-publication. Download as a 2mb pdf


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