Help keep Te Uru humming.

By supporting Te Uru, you help maintain a diverse, vibrant and creative city. Te Uru plays a significant leadership role in promoting our community and supporting those who operate in this area. Your funds will benefit the entire community. Your contribution to Te Uru’s operational costs will help maintain vital infrastructure for creatives and ensure their work is accessible to the people of Aotearoa. Donations help enable everything we do, ensuring that everyone in our community has free access to art.

Your donation will help us to continue to provide a vibrant art scene in West Auckland. You can make a bank deposit, click one of the Poli buttons on our website, use our contact-less donation box at the gallery or contact us for further enquiries or to set up payroll giving. All donations over $5 may be tax deductible so please let us know should you require a receipt for tax purposes.

Account: Te Uru Gallery
Bank: ASB Lynmall
Number: 12-3100-0140450-51

Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery Incorporated is a registered charity – CC41215