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Don Binney is one of the country’s best-known artists, famous for his simplified forms and stunning capture of New Zealand birds and landscapes. Throughout his life, Binney had a strong personal connection with the Waitākere coast and surrounding areas.

In 2010 Binney published Drawing the Waitakere Coast which pairs a series of 24 drawings capturing the area from Huia to Te Henga with text by the artist. This exhibition, of the original suite of drawings, is a continuation of this tribute to an area that was of central importance to the artist.

In the publication’s preface Binney reflects:
“Since I first came to it, the Waitakere coastline has seen some changes – I’ve joined in the resistance to several! But the greater part, returned to here, echoes its permanence. Its byways and crannies have their dreams and secretes; but above, way beyond, its ocean face endures.”