Envoys: Association of Women Artists International Postcard Project

Initiated by the Association of Women Artists in 1993 to mark the centenary of New Zealand's Womens Suffrage, Envoys takes a wilfully resistant position against the instant, impersonal and mass-audience modes of newest contemporary communication systems. While the internet can send messages to millions, the contributors to Envoys rejoice instead in the gentle intimacy of the personal, individually handmade postcard.

19 April 1996 — 12 May 1996  |  See exhibition detail


Lapa (flashes of phosphorescent light) is a phenomenon recognisable to only the most experienced of Polynesian navigators. In conjunction with the bounce back wave, Lapa signalled to early navigators a change in the motion of the waka and indicated the presence and direction of land. Thus the journey of Polynesian art - having left the homeland - recognises the search for new directions and innovations.

8 November 1996 — 12 December 1996  |  See exhibition detail

Marie Shannon: Ordinary Things

"My love of ordinary things is the basis of my art" Marie Shannon, 1997 This exhibition presents a survey of Marie Shannon's work over the last decade. It provides an opportunity to experience the development and changes in the artists' work over time, and to examine and consider her recurring themes and ideas.

7 March 1997 — 6 April 1997  |  See exhibition detail

Table Setting

It is a rare opportunity for visual artists to be assisted to turn their creative skills to a different media. But with the generous support of leading tableware manufacturer Studio Ceramics, six contemporary artists have had the opportunity to do just that. Chis Harvey, Director of Studio Ceramics, has kindly offered to open his factory to them and provided the technical support required to explore this medium.

12 June 1998 — 12 July 1998  |  See exhibition detail

Wi Taepa: Hue

New ceramics by Wi Taepa from the Whakamahatanga and Heke series. All were made in April this year, from a raku body clay with siligarta sprayed on then covered with iron oxide and fired in a gas kiln. Taepa is a leading Māori clay artist of Ngāti Pikiao, Te-Roro-o-Te-Rangi, Te Arawa and Te Atiawa descent.

25 July 2003 — 31 August 2003  |  See exhibition detail

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