De la Milpa a la Mesa

De la Milpa a la Mesa takes visitors on a journey of discovery to a country of incredible cultural and ecological diversity, whose agriculture and cuisine are treasured World Heritage. From the farm to the market to the table, food has been the heart and soul of Mexican life for millennia.

18 February 2023 — 7 May 2023  |  See exhibition detail

Rita Angus: New Zealand Modernist | He Ringatoi Hou o Aotearoa

Te Papa touring exhibition Rita Angus: New Zealand Modernist | He Ringatoi Hou o Aotearoa brings together 20 works by one of New Zealand’s most iconic 20th-century artists, Rita Angus (1908–1970). She was fundamental to the establishment of a distinctive, modern school of art in New Zealand. Over a period of 40 years, Angus produced a remarkable body of work.

4 March 2023 — 30 April 2023  |  See exhibition detail

Rozana Lee: Sekali pendatang, tetap pendatang

The title of this exhibition by Auckland-based artist Rozana Lee comes from an Indonesian saying, which means ‘once an immigrant, always an immigrant’. Lee’s project draws from personal histories to consider the journeys and status of migrant communities in society globally, and particularly in relation to her own Chinese-Indonesian heritage.

18 March 2023 — 30 July 2023  |  See exhibition detail

Andy Leleisi'uao: Unbeautiful evening

In late January this year, Tāmaki Makaurau saw enough rain for two months in one night, devastating Samoan artist Andy Leleisi’uao’s South Auckland home and studio. This presentation of Leleisi’uao’s flood-damaged works reflects on how, just as water cycles through its various properties, when its swells settle and throats are quenched, a new process in life begins.

25 March 2023 — 28 May 2023  |  See exhibition detail


During 12 weeks of workshops and photo walks, InSight photographers experimented with processes, techniques, and subject matter to reveal their own visual pathways captured by photography. Communities often struggle to make space for young people as they transition into adulthood, but in the hands of these students, the camera becomes a tool of connection; each image showing how they relate to the physical and social spaces where they live and move. 

13 May 2023 — 16 July 2023  |  See exhibition detail

Ufuoma Essi: Is my living in vain

Te Uru presents a major new film commission by London-based filmmaker and artist Ufuoma Essi. Is my living in vain is a meditation on the continuing history and emancipatory potential of the Black church as a space of belonging, affirmation and community organising. Weaving together the lived experiences and transgenerational histories of Black women.

13 May 2023 — 23 July 2023  |  See exhibition detail

Iann An: Frank

In Te Uru's window space, we unveil an arresting installation featuring Frank, a figure seated on a stool, seemingly within their private sanctuary. A casement fosters a voyeuristic tension between the viewer and Frank, prompting introspection on the essence of monstrosity and its origins.

20 May 2023 — 9 August 2023  |  See exhibition detail

Shona Tawhiao: Pākākano

Artist and Māori fibre weaver Shona Tawhiao has created new semi-abstract sculptural forms based on seedpods, a powerful metaphor for renewal of life forces. Harvest promises new beginnings: each seed’s DNA carries a vital encoded message to develop and sustain new life. Across the world stories and histories are woven around the meaning of the seed and its capacity to shape our futures.

3 June 2023 — 3 September 2023  |  See exhibition detail

Green Bay High School: Concatenation

This exhibition is part of Green Bay High School’s 50th Anniversary celebration events with works from Green Bay High School Visual Arts and Creative Industry students. The imagery exhibited as part of Concatenation is a select series of smaller works – enticing snippets from the beginnings of a student’s journey. They demonstrate the way a succession of visual inquiries combines to refine an idea. Leaving the viewer wondering ‘where did they go from here?'

22 July 2023 — 17 September 2023  |  See exhibition detail

Aura Satz: A Pluriverse Siren

A Pluriverse Siren’ re-imagines the siren in order to forge a new understanding of present and long term emergencies. Part of Aura Satz’s documentary film Preemptive Listening (2017-ongoing), this chapter of the project features the voice of Erin Matariki Carr (Ngāti Awa, Ngāi Tūhoe, Welsh, Croatian, English), lawyer, scholar and activist, Co-Lead for RIVER (Revitalising Indigenous Virtues for Earth’s Regeneration) and Taonga Pūoro performance and music by Horomona Horo (Ngā Puhi, Ngāti Porou, Taranaki, English Devon, MacGregor Scotland).

29 July 2023 — 3 September 2023  |  See exhibition detail

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