NEW LYNN (2012-2014)

Lopdell House closed for earthquake strengthening and refurbishment in 2012, requiring the arts tenants (Lopdell House Gallery, Upstairs Art Gallery, McCahon House and Titirangi Theatre) to move to temporary premises in nearby New Lynn. Lopdell House Gallery set up shop in a former bank building on Totara Avenue, overlooking the Todd Triangle's Peter Lange sculptures and right next to Ceramic House, former home to Crown Lynn parent company, Ceramco.

Totara Avenue became the base for a lively programme of informal exhibitions, events, outreach programmes and pop-up projects in the surrounding community. Our first New Lynn exhibition opened in September 2012 and we moved back to Lopdell House in mid-2014 to await the completion of our new purpose-built facilities, which opened under the new name of Te Uru in November 2014. Here is a selection of projects from our time in New Lynn.


Portage Ceramic AWARDS 2012

This year we’re taking the show to the city with a week-long celebration of ceramics at The Cloud during Art Week in October. The jurist for 2012, Dr. Paul Scott, awarded the Premier Award to Jim Cooper for his piece Millbrook holiday [the league for spritual discovery].

27 October 2012 — 3 November 2012  |  See exhibition detail

Mannequin March

A marketable endeavor as well as an art form, the mannequin has created an ambiguous connection between art and commercialism. On 6 April at 6pm, the fantastic array of Mannequin March creations go under the hammer for charity.

1 March 2013 — 31 March 2013  |  See exhibition detail

Denise Bachelor: Silent Wings

These are works of contemplation that offer the viewer access to an interstitial realm between movement and stillness. Batchelor’s practice revisits the historical sublime with a contemporary rewrite; the once expanse has turned inward, revealing an inexplicability caught within the smallest detail.

17 May 2013 — 17 June 2013  |  See exhibition detail

Matariki 2013: Whetu, Whenu, Whenua

An exhibition acknowledging the threads that connect us as a community, the community to the land, and the traditional to the contemporary. It is a celebration of the art of mahi raranga (weaving activities), whatu (fibre weaving) and tukutuku (wall panel lattice work).

21 June 2013 — 4 August 2013  |  See exhibition detail

Weilun Ha: Gods of the Forest

An 'East meets Westie' encounter as the Window Project Space is transformed into an architectural ‘bush walk’ that unites traditional Asian ink landscape techniques with the flora and fauna of the Waitakeres, focusing on the iconic kauri tree. Eleven percent of kauri trees in the Waitakere Ranges have already been wiped out by the kauri dieback disease, and with government funding now under threat, the kauri could be extinct within decades. Weilun Ha's message promotes advocacy for this mighty tree.

9 August 2013 — 22 September 2013  |  See exhibition detail

Veronica Herber: Site Unseen

The distinctive 1960s architecture of Ceramco House will be the canvas for award-winning artist Veronica Herber’s cascade of colour, which will flow around to our adjacent gallery.

6 December 2013 — 26 January 2014  |  See exhibition detail

Delicia Sampero: Conference of the Birds

A new species of bird has been discovered inhabiting Lopdell House, perching on the roof of the newly redeveloped building. Roughly the same size as a human their colouration ranges from yellow to orange and responds to light, reflecting the passing glow of headlights.

1 February 2014 — 1 May 2014  |  See exhibition detail

Andrea du Chatenier: The Cell and the Bride

The drapes of du Chatenier’s world have been lifted and the scene displayed in the gallery window is an artist’s cell. As a self-contained world of creative endeavor the window may either be likened to a hermit’s cave or a prison.

21 March 2014 — 28 April 2014  |  See exhibition detail

The Kauri Project: Poster Series

In collaboration with the Kauri Dieback Management Programme, this exhibition of limited edition prints and city-wide poster campaign links five artists with researchers and iwi that uses art as a tool for activism and education.

2 May 2014 — 9 June 2014  |  See exhibition detail

Jay Hollows: The Grain of the Sound and the Thing in Your Hand

An investigation into the thingness, or object-status of the vinyl record. The recording plays all of the records with the music taken out, leaving just the moment between tracks to emphasise the clicks, pops and crackle that are unique to each record, accumulated through their use.

2 May 2014 — 9 June 2014  |  See exhibition detail

Jos Wheeler: Voicing Dissent

Jos Wheeler’s photographs challenge the images employed by the mainstream media. Because photographs can become iconic in defining major events and how we remember them, it’s important to understand which side of the story these images represent.

16 May 2014 — 11 July 2014  |  See exhibition detail

Ryan Ballinger: Road Runner

This project comes at a unique time in the history of the gallery, as it transitions from its off-site location in New Lynn back into a purpose-built venue in Titirangi. Ryan Ballinger’s performance will symbolically herald this return.

1 August 2014 — 31 August 2014  |  See exhibition detail

Whau the People: Residents in Residence

Residents in Residence is a show about local artists making work in and about their community. For their last month in New Lynn, Lopdell House Gallery are joining forces with local arts collective Whau the People, encouraging them to take over their building and make the exhibition spaces their own...

7 August 2014 — 28 August 2014  |  See exhibition detail

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