ARTWEEK Auckland is a visual arts festival building on the foundations of expertise provided by galleries, both public and private across Auckland. Arts professionals collectively curate and facilitate events and installations to create a dynamic and exciting “week” showcasing our amazing visual arts community.


As part of Seung Yul Oh’s exhibition HaaPoom, Te Uru will stage BaramBaram (wind/wish) a bubble-making event on the Lopdell House Rooftop Terrace. The event is a playful extension of Oh’s interest in air as an element that can give form, in this instance through bubbles. Some equipment will be available, but please bring along your own bubble-makers for maximum fun.

Saturday 10 October, 11am – 4pm


For ArtWeek, Seung Yul Oh’s Periphery (2013), a morass of giant yellow inflatables, will be installed in Te Uru’s Learning Centre Gallery.  The work invites viewers to navigate through the close formation of upright pillars, pushing against and sinking into their squishy forms.

Saturday 10 October – Sunday 11 October
10am – 4.30pm daily


Curated by artist Seung Yul Oh, OgoGago (‘comes and goes’) is a programme of eight videos selected from the online collection of CIRCUIT. Artists include Daniel Von Sturmer, James Oram, Gemma Syme, and Daif King. OgoGago (50 mins) will run continuously in the Lopdell Precinct Theatre from 11am to 4pm. Presented in association with CIRCUIT Artist Film and Video Aotearoa New Zealand.

10 October, 11am-4pm