Blood Water Earth

Auckland Arts Festival and Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery present the New Zealand premiere of an exhibition and performance series by artists Santee Smith and Louise Potiki Bryant.

Blood Water Earth is an immersive video installation and ceramic display arising out of an international Indigenous collaboration between Kahnyen’kehàka artist Santee Smith (Artistic Director of Kaha:wi Dance Theatre) and Ngai Tahu video/dance artist Louise Potiki Bryant. Blood Water Earth re-contextualises video designed for a series of dance productions by Kaha:wi Dance Theatre, which focus on the reawakening of the sacred feminine and incorporate imagery from both Aotearoa and Six Nations of the Grand River, Ontario, Canada. Blood Water Earth activates sacred alignments from cosmos to womb, its symbolic ritual renewal, and a conscious stripping away of colonial impacts on Indigenous women.

Supported by Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council and Toronto Arts Council.

Blood Water Earth performances took place on Saturday 9 March, 8pm and Sunday 10 March, 6pm

Image: Kaha:wi Dance Theatre, Santee Smith. Photo by Tony Nyberg

02 March - 19 May 2019