Boundless Books: Steiner Press Books 1992-2008

We’re all pretty quick to judge books by their covers, and most of us are happy to comment, frequently at length, on the contents of their pages, but when it comes to the structure of a book… we’re often less certain. Elizabeth Steiner has made the specialist subject of bookmaking into a fine art. With precise attention to detail, playful inventiveness and a well honed sense of colour and composition, Elizabeth has crafted a beautiful collection of books over the 17 years that she has been practising the craft.

Boundless Books brings together a selection of these handsome publications – many of them collaborations with either writers or printers, some personal travel diaries – all of them gems in their own unique way.

The exhibition at Lopdell House Gallery is supported by a special edition catalogue illustrating the many different structures and styles Elizabeth uses, combined with an essay by Helen Schamroth – cleverly bound together by one of Elizabeth’s signature woven binding structures – a collector’s piece in itself.

07 August - 05 October 2008