Drawing upon the work of significant New Zealand artists, Campaign considers the prevalence of anti-nuclear sentiment in New Zealand’s art history. It revisits an era when artists across a range of disciplines were documenting, exposing and protesting the dangers of nuclear testing in the Pacific and the arrival of nuclear-capable warships into New Zealand waters.

Campaign is presented in the spirit of making connections between people, generations and stories to ensure our histories are remembered. Campaign acts as a prelude for our subsequent exhibition, The future of our kids (opening 30 November), which picks up on this sentiment and features two new commissions from international artists that consider the importance of the ocean and its histories for future generations.

Featuring: From Scratch, Gil Hanly, Pat Hanly, Niki Hastings-McFall, Ralph Hotere, Claudia Pond Eyley and Wellington Media Collective.

Image: Chris McBride, 1054.715., digital print (detail), 2019

25 October - 12 November 2019

Preview: Thursday 24 October, 6.30pm

Photos by Sam Hartnett


From Scratch, Pacific 3,2,1, Zero

Herbs, French letter (YouTube)

The day of two suns (BBC podcast)

Rainbow Warrior educational resources

Nuclear free New Zealand history