Drop the Ball:
Live Performance and Open StudioDrop the Ball:

Drop the Ball is a collaborative live performance and exhibition project by local artist, Mark Harvey. Join us at Te Uru on Saturday 23 February for an all-day performance event by Harvey, alongside an Open Studio activity in our Learning Centre.

This live performance of Drop the Ball takes place on the adjacent Lopdell House Rooftop Terrace and continues the artist’s exploration of repetitive and endurance-based actions. The work will explore and reflect on the daily rhythms of work, its politics and related communication. This will be attempted through the way the artist negotiates a physically challenging task, while trying to engage passersby and spectators in banter and conversations on different topics including politics. An video of the performance will later be exhibited in Te Uru’s front window space.

The sculptural objects for Drop the Ball will be developed with local school students from Woodlands Park Primary School in a four-day workshop. The kids helping to make the sculptural aparatuses will be able to have ‘the last laugh’ on the male artist.

Meanwhile, in our Learning Centre gallery, the Open Studio activity is a chance to be part of an exhibition of dynamic sculptural shapes and forms created by people of all ages and abilities. We will supply recycled materials for you to shape sculptural forms covered with plaster of paris bandages to place into the upcoming Drop the Ball exhibition. This is a free opportunity to explore sculpture and engage with a collaborative community project initiated by Harvey in collaboration with English artist John Court.

Image: Drop Kick (collaboration with John Court and Mark Harvey), ANTI Contemporary Art Festival, Finland, 2018

23 February, 8am-6pm