Envoys Onwards

In an age of instant internet messaging, postcards offer a personal, individually created, intimate artwork for the hands of another to hold and absorb.

In 1993, the Association of Women Artists initiated a celebratory exhibition of postcards to mark the 100-year anniversary of the winning of emancipation by New Zealand women. The exhibition was held in 1996 at what was then called Lopdell House Gallery (now Te Uru). Now, in 2018, in the 125th anniversary year of that achievement, Te Uru and representatives of the association will be re-showing the original postcards and inviting a new generation of women artists to create postcards to show alongside the original set.

The aims of the project from 1993-96 remain unchanged: to strengthen the voice of women’s common concerns, to acknowledge the universality of their gender, and to generate images from the present that will touch future generations. By acknowledging the common concerns of women, this project honours past endeavours and supports future generations.

All postcards from the 1996 and 2018 exhibition will be archived as a boxed set as part of the formal winding up of the Association.

Open Studio: Saturday 6 October, 10am-3pm

08 September - 28 October 2018

Exhibition launch: Saturday 15 September, 3pm

Photos: Sam Hartnett