Floral Affirmations

Te Uru acknowledges the suffering and disenfranchisement being experienced by communities around the world at this present time. We recognise the devastating impacts of sustained injustices and wish to extend our support through messages of hope. As a cultural institution committed to enhancing the wellbeing of our communities, we see it a responsibility to make space for necessary reflection and healing.

Floral Affirmations invites positive affirmations from the public as gestures of solidarity and peace. Those who wish to contribute are invited to write an affirmation on a sheet of paper, which will then be folded into a flower and added to a communal wall garden. We offer this garden in support of those who are displaced and dispirited, and as a reminder of the importance of our collective humanity. We know this is not a solution to the very real problems being faced. We hope, however, that opening space for positive affirmations signals an embrace of equality and compassion.

Floral Affirmations is open to everyone from 21 October to 17 November.  

21 October - 17 November 2023, 10am-4pm