HEAT: Solar Revolutions

We are now in an era of HEAT: the Earth is quite literally heating up, with new global temperature records set every month and year, but there is also a warming of interest in more climate-friendly ways to live. HEAT: Solar Revolutions is an art event that asks how the sun’s energy may
 catalyse climate-friendly conversations, collective actions, speculations and interventions. Heat is explored as a transformative condition that sparks making (or un-making) processes. Solar radiation is channeled as an artist’s medium – in the sense of a constitutive ‘material’, like clay or paint – in solar drawings or prints, in solar-sound works, in durational solar performances, in plant-based artworks or as wood that is burnt to fire ceramics. HEAT presents such solar ‘powered’ art and performative practices to highlight and socialise climate-friendly revolutions.

HEAT will feature a number of artists from around New Zealand and abroad. HEAT is the third iteration of the Oceanic Performance Biennial, an event that explores local ecologies through performative practices. Aligned with HEAT are a range of community action events. HEAT is presented in association with TEMP.

Exhibition and performance programme: Joyce Hinterding and David Haines, Rachel Shearer, Saskia Schut, Monique Jansen, Public Share, Janine Randerson with Tru Paraha, Roseanne Bartley,  Natalie Robertson, Amanda Yates with Harold Barton, Christina Houghton and Maria O’Connor.
Screening Programme: Hanna Tai, Mohini Chandra, Mark Harvey, Sam Trubridge and Sasha Grbich.

Download the HEAT: Solar Revolutions PDF programme here.

Image: David Haines and Joyce Hinterding, Soundship (descender1). Image courtesy of the artists / Sarah Cottier Gallery

Performance programme: 15 February – 19 February 2017
Screening and Exhibition Programme: 11 February – 17 April 2017
Evening Performance Event: 18 February 2017

11 February - 17 April 2017

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