Iann An: Frank

Found in Te Uru’s window space, is an arresting installation featuring Frank, a figure seated on a stool, seemingly within their private sanctuary. A casement fosters a voyeuristic tension between the viewer and Frank, prompting introspection on the essence of monstrosity and its origins.

Frank serves as a potent exploration of human vulnerability, defying norms of bodily perfection and delving into themes of fragmentation and monstrosity. The installation aims to expose the hidden, uncivilised aspects of human existence.

Composed mainly of bread dough and wax, Frank symbolises humanity’s impermanence and capacity for transformation. These materials, subject to time and decay, highlight life’s fragility and the inevitability of death while simultaneously suggesting the potential for growth within vulnerability.

Frank’s unsettling presence stimulates introspection on internal fears and the rejection of vulnerability experienced by many. Embracing humanity’s collective, monstrous aspects allows for the deconstruction of rigid divisions and fosters unity and resilience.

By challenging conventional notions of wholeness and beauty, Frank emphasises the intricate, ambivalent nature of the human psyche. This installation aspires to evoke hope, tenderness, and bravery in the face of imperfection, revealing the exposing illusory nature of unattainable ideals.

20 May - 09 August 2023

Photos by Sapphire Crump RESOURCES   Meet Iann An - The Art Paper Interview