James Charlton: Thrown

Testing the limits of interactive art, James Charlton’s THROWN is a major new installation to experience at Te Uru this spring. A series of free-standing mechanical structures will populate the gallery like strange sporting equipment, programmed and loaded with hundreds of tennis balls, ready to be released into the air and collected by a team of voluntary agents.

THROWN challenges visitors to think of their own position within the exhibition as they stand in the designated strike zone and dodge flying tennis balls. This exhibition will throw your sense of what art is, and ask, are you, the audience, participant, performer, or object?

The exhibition also includes Charlton’s recent video work Catch 32 Bit, and a new sculpture, Deuce, both further questioning the nature of art objects. Deuce is a 3D printed action-based form created from gestures made with virtual reality modelling, a technique that we’ll explore in an upcoming workshop – more details here.

03 October - 29 November 2020

Photos by Sam Hartnett


Mobilise by Mark Williams
Download pdf (54kb)