Lapa (flashes of phosphorescent light) is a phenomenon recognisable to only the most experienced of Polynesian navigators. In conjunction with the bounce back wave, Lapa signalled to early navigators a change in the motion of the waka and indicated the presence and direction of land. Thus the journey of Polynesian art – having left the homeland – recognises the search for new directions and innovations.

Lapa, the exhibition, follows on from the Seventh Pacific Festival of the Arts (Tala Measina) in Samoa, September 1996, and presents a dynamic group of fresh Polynesian talents who are artists, creators and performers.

Artists include Ani O’Neill (mixed media / sculpture / textiles), Rosanna Raymond (performance / poetry), Greg Semu (photography), Lisa Reihana (photography / film), Suzanne Tamaki (textiles) and Sofia Tekela-Smith (photography / sculpture / jewellery / mixed media).

Curated in partnership with Toni Simons.

08 November - 12 December 1996

Opening performance by Pacific Sisters Thursday 7 November, 7pm