Mark-making to music: Squiggla with Hermione Johnson

Experience the joy of creating to music. Listen to live music by pianist and composer Hermione Johnson and be inspired to experiment with marks dots, lines and shapes. Johnson’s prime focus is free improvisation, and with this she has been a significant force in Aotearoa’s experimental music scene.

Squiggla is a hands-on mark-making activity for young and old alike. In Te Uru’s interactive Squiggla Making Space you will discover the possibilities of mark making and learn new ways to express your creativity. Squiggla is the outreach programme of The Chartwell Project and builds on research into creative thinking and the value of the arts for wellbeing by the Centre for Arts and Social Transformation.

In this special making session you will have the opportunity to experience the joy of live music as you create with a range of materials.

Learn more at Photo by David St George, courtesy of misterwolf.

13 April, 11am-12pm


Squiggla Making Space