MILKSTARS | Sound Constellations in the Chartwell Collection

Lauren Brincat, Mary-Louise Browne, Phil Dadson, Marco Fusinato, Angelica Mesiti, Dane Mitchell,
Tahi Moore, John Nixon, Michael Parekowhai, Julian Dashper, Sriwhana Spong, Michael Stevenson 

MILKSTARS: Sound constellations in the Chartwell Collection draws on sound-oriented works in the Chartwell Collection to map relationships between artists across time and space. The exhibition ‘radiates’ from a central dialogue between John Nixon and Julian Daspher who shared a special relationship and are the most deeply collected artists in the Chartwell Collection.

Image | Julian Dashper, Untitled (the painter’s mistake), 2007.

This exhibition is made possible with the support of The Chartwell Project as a part of the 50th Anniversary of The Chartwell Project.

17 August - 20 October 2024