Moanaroa: Home of the Pacifica Mamas

As part of the exhibition names held in our mouths, West Auckland’s Pacifica Mamas will be taking over the Learning Centre Gallery, renaming it Moanaroa: Home of the Pacifica Mamas.

Moanaroa: Home of the Pacifica Mamas foregrounds the social aspect of the Pacifica Mamas’ practices by bringing elements of their base at Corbans into the gallery. A selection of their art works and collections will rotate over the course of the project. From a bespoke hats through to numerous fans and larger-than-life nikau bouquets, the display gives a glimpse of the vast spectrum of the Mamas practice.

Embracing a warm and informal approach, the Mama’s occupation of the gallery rejects a division between art and life. Collections of works, laughter and materials to tutu with all share the same space.

Download the Names held in our mouths e-publication, including video interviews with each artist.

29 June - 08 September 2019

Photos by Sam Hartnett