Nathan Haines And The Art Ensemble Perform Quartet

New Zealand music legend Nathan Haines leads a quartet especially assembled for a sound performance based on the Billy Apple/Jonathan Besser score Quartet, which features in the exhibition Billy Apple: Sound Works 1968-2015. Being the winner of three New Zealand Music Awards and two certified Gold albums in New Zealand, Nathan is big on collaboration, including work with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra. For this concert he is working with Billy Apple in response to Billy’s Te Uru exhibition – his first collaboration with an artist.

Nathan Haines is an internationally renowned saxophonist, composer, producer, bandleader and vocalist with a body of work in multiple styles stretching back for over two decades. UK resident for the last 20 years, Nathan has recently released his 10th solo album 5 A Day, which was written and recorded in London.

07 June, 3-3pm