O-Tu-Kapua: My Personal Cloud

The Learning Centre is busy with students learning about air quality and creating clouds as part of a collaboration between TEMP, NIWA climate scientists and the F4 artist collective. This installation is about climate science and believing we can solve problems if everyone gets involved.

Our earth’s climate has always changed but recently these changes have sped up. We can make a difference in the way our world changes if we take the time to think about what we do and how we live our daily lives. The scientists, artists, kaiako and whanau involved think that science can be a positive force for change. This wonderful art installation introduces kids to climate science. The next steps will be to do science projects in two schools and design a climate science App for kids.

A music video is being created too, the song written by F4 artists, produced in local schools and supported by the Play It Strange Jam Bus.

This project is part of the ongoing project TEMP; an art science experience that aims to change the way we think about climate change, developed by Corban Estate Art Centre with Te Uru and other partners.


19 May - 19 June 2016

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