As part of the exhibition On Repeat: The Disruptive Copy, Te Uru is pleased to host a panel discussion with artists Chris McBride, Fiona Jack and Lana Lopesi, who each have their own experiences in working with posters and public spaces.

The panel discussion is a response to Chris McBride’s work in our current exhibition. McBride has created and reprised a series of posters that protest the visit of US warships and their refusal to declare their nuclear status. As part of this, he has put up a hoarding outside the gallery along South Titirangi Road. One of the posters states that the USA has the worst history of violence in the world. A few weeks after the billboard was pasted, a typed response was pasted over one of the posters, noting atrocities committed by other countries.

This panel discussion takes that action as a starting point to consider the intersection between posters, protest and public spaces. In particular, we ask if there is a different set of rules or conventions that govern dialogue or engagement in spaces outside of the gallery, what the intentions are in working in this mode, and what thought is given to responses from an audience who might talk back.

06 November, 3-3pm