Portage Ceramic Awards 2005

The Portage Ceramic Awards showcase New Zealand’s best ceramic work and provide an avenue to look at what is being done throughout the country at a particular moment in time. This year has seen an enormous increase of entrants from a wider geographical spread around the country. The 2005 judge, Robert Bell, selected 57 pieces from 241 entered works. The result is a vivacious show of wide variety.

Premier Award
Merilyn Wiseman: Arctic Rim

Merit Award
Helen Yau: Fractals 2048

Waitakere City Artist Award
Claire Barton: Compilation #4

Emergent Artist Award
Phillipa Durkin: Bible Leaves

Robert Bell is the Senior Curator of Australian and International Decorative Arts and Design at the National Gallery of Australia. Born in Perth, Western Australia, with an intensive involvement in contemporary crafts and design as a practitioner, designer, writer and curator, he was formerly the Senior Designer at the Western Australian Museum (1967-1977) and Curator of Craft and Design at the Art Gallery of Western Australia (1978-2000) where he was the Curator of it’s major recurrent event, the Australian International Crafts Triennial, held in 1989, 1992 and 1998. In 2003 he was awarded the Centenary Medal for services to the decorative arts in Australia.

Portage Ceramic Awards 2005 finalists: Brendan Adams, Maureen Allison, Graham Ambrose, Ande Barret-Hegan, Greg Barron, Owen Bartlett, Claire Barton, Heather Bell, Renee Boyd, Stephen Bradbourne, Carol Brent, Mark Brockie, David Brockenshire, Linda Bruce, Madeleine Child, Peter Collis, Ann Crane, Rafael de Armas, Phillipa Durkin, John Ecuyer, Penny Ericson, Darryl Frost, Richard Hare, Richard Joughin, Verity Kindlaysides, John Lawrence, Paul Maseyk, David Mason, Royce McGlashen, Nicola McLaren, Matt McLean, Tatyanna MeHarry, Natasha English, Michael Michaels, Mark Mitchell, Petra Molloy, Jeffie Mulder, Kiya Nancarrow, Jengis Poor, Robert Rapson, Adrienne Riseley, John Roy, Rick Rudd, Amanda Shanley, Emily Siddell, Katherine Smyth, Brian Staite, Richard Stratton, Marie Strauss.

This exhibition was generously sponsored by The Trusts.

14 October - 04 December 2005

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