Portage Ceramic Awards 2009

This, the ninth Portage Ceramic Awards, exhibits a wide range of creative ceramic works from around New Zealand. These works have been selected by the judge Scott Chamberlin, Professor of Ceramics at the University of Colorado. His selection this year emphasises the creative and playful side of the ceramic canon in the ongoing dialectic between fine art and craft art.

Premier Award (joint winners)
Madeleine Child & Philip Jarvis: Doodads & Doodahs and Widespread Occurrence of Possible Symbioses
Jim Cooper: Drug Jars and Vendor

Merit Awards
Phillipa Durkin: Felling the Tree to obtain the Fruit
Emily Siddell: Flock & Whiri
Kristy Palleson: Banks.

The John Green Waitakere Artist Awards
Sang Sool Shim & Keum Sun Lee: Life is a Journey
John Parker: West Auckland Still Life for Keith and Ernie.

Portage Ceramic Awards 2009 finalists: Owen Bartlett, Susannah Bridges, Rachel Carter, Madeleine Child & Philip Jarvis, Jim Cooper, Phillipa Durkin, Chuck Joseph, Cheryl Lucas, Paul Maseyk, Matt McLean, Kristy Palleson, John Parker, Robin Ranga, Robert Rapson, Louise Rive, Donna Sarten, Duncan Shearer, Peter Shearer, Sang Sool Shim & Keum Sun Lee, Emily Siddell, Kate Springford, Thea West, Helen Yau.

This exhibition was generously sponsored by The Trusts.

15 October - 06 December 2009

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