Portage Ceramic Awards 2011

This year the renowned master potter Len Castle passed away, whose extraordinary achievements  remain an inspiration to all artists and potters across the country. The 2010 awards are judged by Janet Mansfield, potter and publisher of high repute and great experience. She has exhibited widely and is represented in most major public collections in Australia and internationally.

Premier Award
Bridie Henderson: Feathers

Second Prize Award
Chris Weaver: Made to Measure Teapot 1

Merit Awards
Brendan Adams: Strategies and Outcomes
Maureen Allison: From the Ashes
Kirsty Gardiner: ARTEFACT.KG.1907-63
Cheryl Oliver: Searching for Clues II

People’s Choice Award
Sang Sool Shim & Keum Sun Lee: The Eclipse Jar

Portage Ceramic Awards 2011 finalists: Brendan Adams, Maureen Allison, Graham Ambrose, Owen Bartlett, Heather Bell, Phillip Bonham, Jon Clarke, Nicola Dench, Suzy Dünser, Penny Ericson, Liz Fea, Melissa Ford, Darryl Frost, Grancy Fu, Kirsty Gardiner, Lisa Gerty, Katie Gold, Kairava Gullatz, Mia Hamilton, Bridie Henderson, Chuck Joseph, Karen Kennedy, Andy Kingston, Robyn Lloyd, Huw Lloyd, Annie McIver, Lynda McNamara, Marion Mewburn, Elise O’Neill, Cheryl Oliver, John Parker, Elena Renker, Darryl, Robertson, Sue Scobie, Trish Seddon, Amanda Shanley, Rebecca Shawyer, Duncan Shearer, Sang Sool Shim & Keum Sun Lee, Katherine Smyth, Nadine Spalter, Yuko Takahashi, Jenni Taris, Yasunari Unrinin, Ann Verdcourt, Chris Weaver.

12 October - 04 December 2011

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