Portage Ceramic Awards 2013

Lopdell House Gallery and The Trusts Community Foundation are delighted to facilitate the Portage Ceramic Awards 2013. This annual award provides a vital platform to showcase the diversity of talented artists nationwide who work in a medium that wins the hearts of makers, collectors and the general public like no other. The 2013 awards are housed at the iconic venue Silo Park, Auckland Waterfront.

The exhibition presents an array of styles and techniques that fill the gallery with such a broad collection that every visitor can find a favourite piece.

Premier Award Winner
Robert Rapson: Himalaya Serves the World 1949 – early 70s

Merit Award Winners
Jane Mcculla: Walking Within
Marita Hewitt: Transaction (Broken Diptych)
Kim Henderson: Trailing Skirt Tales I & 2

Guldagergaard Residency Award Winner
Richard Stratton

Medalta Residency Award Winner
Mel Ford

People’s Choice Award Winner
Caroline Moss: Love Lies Bleeding

The 2013 judge, Amy Gogarty received her MFA in Painting from the University of Calgary. She taught visual art history and theory and ceramics history at the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary from 1990 to 2006. In 2006, she relocated to Vancouver, where she works as an independent researcher, writer and artist. She has participated in numerous national and international academic panels and published over 100 reviews, catalogue and critical essays on issues arising in craft disciplines. She co-edited two significant anthologies relating to craft: Utopic Impulses: Contemporary Ceramics Practice, with Ruth Chambers and Mireille Perron, and Craft Perception and Practice vol. 3, with Paula Gustafson and Nïsse Gustafson, both published in 2007 by Ronsdale Press. Her essay Ceramics, Dissolution and Weak Thought: Towards a New Understanding of Practice, in Cahiers métiers d’art-Craft Journal (Spring 2010) received the 2011 Craft Journal Essay Writing Award. She curated Greg Payce: Illusions at the Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art in Toronto, and chaired a panel, Ceramics at the Edge of Form, at the 2012 NCECA in Seattle.  She has served on the board of the Potters Guild of British Columbia and continues to serve on the board of the North-West Ceramics Foundation in Vancouver.

Portage Ceramic Awards 2013 finalists: Greg Barron, Owen Bartlett, Tony Bond, Linda Bruce, Annette Bull, Kate Burchett, Rachel Carter, Georgina Caulton, Frank Checketts, Madeleine Child, Peter Collis, Ann Crane, Yasmin Davis, Sam Ducker-Jones, Suzy Dünser, Phillipa Durkin, Liz Fea, Kate Fitzharris, Melissa Ford, Shane Gallagher, Kirsty Gardiner, Katie Gold, Mia Hamilton, Peter Henderson, Kim Henderson, Marita Hewitt, Gary Horton, Chuck Joseph, Irena Kennedy, Andy Kingston, Simon Leong, Yi-Ming Lin, Jane McCulla, Kate McLean, Tatyanna Meharry, Marion Mewburn, Bronwyn Mohring, Caroline Moss, Elise O’Neill, Ann O’Sullivan, John Parker, John Paxiem, Jo-Anne Raill, Robin Ranga, Robert Rapson, Carol Robinson, Liz Rowe, John Roy, Rick Rudd, Charlie Seakins, Sangsool Shim & Keumsun Lee, Richard Stratton, Janna van Hasselt, Sarah Wigley, Helen Yau, Elise and Karen O’Neill.

The exhibition also tours Te Awamutu Museum from 16 November 2013 – 19 January 2014.

12 October - 20 October 2013

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