Shannon Novak: Cryptocosmos

Artist Shannon Novak asserts that ‘music is in everything.’ He creates compositions for objects, locations, and people much as musicians might compose for or about places, persons or experiences with emotional resonance for them.

Novak has created compositions for selected signage and architectural features throughout the gallery and Lopdell Precinct that can be experienced using a mobile device. They appear as virtual artworks on a digital screen, introducing abstract forms and sounds to create an augmented reality. As a long-term project, Novak will continue to create works that activate the Precinct and surrounding environment, encouraging exploratory play and bringing the music of our environments to life.

1. Download the free app Aurasma from the Apple App Store or Google Play
2. Tap this icon on your screen 
3. Search for and follow the ‘Shannon Novak’ channel 
4. Match what you see through your device with the photos on the map 

Need help? Our friendly Visitor Hosts are available to assist you

01 January - 31 December 2015

Find the Cryptocosmos printable PDF map here.
Find essay 'Augmenting Architecture' by Emil McAvoy in response to Cryptocosmos here.